About Us

Dispute Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1995 with the mission to resolve disputes quickly and cost effectively, while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. DSI has worked with small and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, insurance companies, law firms, and individuals to cost effectively resolve their disputes.

DSI is comprised of nationally recognized, skilled professionals trained in the art of mediation and arbitration. DSI is dedicated to providing clients with customized Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs designed to fit any budget. DSI provides several options of service and gives clients the choice of administering their own ADR program, or using DSI’s highly qualified personnel.

Why Choose DSI?

  • Timely Service–Our arbitration administrators respond quickly to any inquiry or questions relating to the administration of the dispute resolution process.
  • Cost Savings–DSI charges a fraction of what other arbitration services charge, with savings up to 75%.
  • Resources–Most ADR services have a limited number of mediators or arbitrators to choose from. DSI has a large resource of mediators and arbitrators that have been prescreened for quality, success, and competence.


Questions about Alternative Dispute Resolution? Call DSI today toll free at 1.888.DSI.3737 for more information!